Speaker, Author, Life Organizer Extraordinaire!

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Meet Lynn McPhelimy–
Author, Speaker, Life Organizer Extraordinaire!

Taking Ordinary to a Whole New Extraordinary Level!

Super Sleuth. House Whisperer. Referee. Funeral Planner. Decorator. Demolisher. Used Car Home Finder. Handy[wo]man. Junk Dealer. Pet Relocator. Trusted Friend.

Fearless. Frank. Funny.

Insatiably curious.

Keen observer and skillful eavesdropper for the sole (and soul) purpose of getting better at living this life!

Always asking questions. So you don't have to.

Imagine walking into a total stranger’s house where sanity, communication, patience and understanding are at a rock bottom low. Tempers are flaring. Family members are teetering on the edge of civility with the clock tickin’!

Thrown into new and uncharted situations, Lynn helps people–young & old who are in transition–usually not by choice–but due to divorce, aging, or death–who are saying goodbye to lives that were once comfortable and predictable. They are starting over. They are overwhelmed with confusion, fear, and frustration.

They don’t want to go it alone. Enter Lynn. That is when the fun begins.

Their journey becomes a celebration of ignorance, courage and empowerment!

As one client summed it up, "We hope you don't mind, but, we have renamed you. You are Lynn McFabulous!"


See what people are saying:

Thank you Lynn for a WONDERFUL insightful book!
This is the most incredible book! It helps one to prepare to leave this world. In a time of grieving, family and friends won't want to wonder what your wishes are ...they will know! The book contains everything from where you hid those "special" papers to the words you would like spoken at your final service... OR even if you want a service. It has lots of room for you to fill out your thoughts and wishes to your family and friends. There is a section that allows you to express your hopes and dreams for your children. One of the most moving things in the book was: "IF you were told you had thirty minutes to live, who would you call and what would you say?" It makes you think about the things in life that go unsaid. It helps to make closure easier. I gave this book to my friends for the holidays. It may sound a bit odd, but after reading the wonderful quotes, the ease of filling in the blanks and knowing that you are making your "leaving" easier ~ it was a much appreciated gift. Don't hesitate to get your life in order... the clock is ticking. :-) Thank you Lynn for a WONDERFUL insightful book! - R.S.

Some of the best information I have ever received! -

I will never be as organized as I would like to be, but, I hope I will always laugh the way I laughed in this last hour. Terrific! -

Fantastic book when you have a spouse who doesn't have the slightest idea...
Fantastic book when you have a spouse who doesn't have the slightest idea as to how the house is run, the finances, insurance, etc. - R.R.

Important to organize your life...
Very inspiring, very funny, full of useful information about how it is important to organize your life for your yourself and your loved ones! - B.B.

Lynn is high energy! - D.B.

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