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What Does It Really Take to Make The Move to a Senior Living Community?

The thought of moving is overwhelming, scary and frustrating.

There are closets, cabinets, attics, basements and garages that have not be touched in 30+ years and are chock full of memories of who they were and what they did every day.

They don't want to say goodbye to their favorite couch or fine china. But, the 7-foot-long, plastic-covered couch isn't going to fit in their "new" place and they won't be having dinner parties any time soon.

This presentation focuses on how to make a stress-free and efficient move to a senior living community when it comes to making good decisions as to what to take, resources for things that are not being taken, what else should be looked at in addition to a floor plan, working with movers, strategies for moving day and how to accept or not accept help from family and friends!

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Lynn’s desire to help others get started with difficult topics was well evidenced by her inclusion of personal experiences relayed in a humorous style that resonated with our employees at Aetna. They were motivated to begin to organize their lives and have conversations with loved ones in a way that is easy to accept. Lynn was well prepared and her utilization of props was engaging and easily understood by both our in-person and audio audiences. Reaction to Lynn’s presentation was extremely positive. We highly recommend Lynn as a speaker and look forward to her second appearance for our employees. - D.Z.-Aetna

Insightful, creative and practical planning for the future! - R.F.

Lynn gives us a fresh perspective! - S.A.

There is time to be in control of your life! - F.S.

Excellent!!! Loved it…Great motivational speaker, sense of humor, engaging…I would love to see her again! -

I cannot thank you enough nor spread your message enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you! - M.P.

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